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Films & Projects:


Director:  Tawny Foskett

Screenwriter:  Tawny Foskett & Cast

Genre:  experimental narrative


Year:  2020

Length:  20-min, 49-sec

Format:  Red

An American and two Quebec girls learn the art of deception as they embark on a dance contract in Japan, where they also must work as hostesses.

This study of a feature, and experiment in collaboration and rehearsals, emerged as the director created her own Sundance Director's Lab and used 'the obstacles as the road'.

Cast:  France Maurice, Julia Thomas, Emma Salkeld, Justine Salette

primary Crew:  DP: Alexandre Desjardins, composer: Félix Tellier Pouliot, producer/AC: Siam Obregón, art director: Helen Park


Director:  Tawny Foskett

Screenwriter:  Tawny Foskett

Genre:  experimental narrative


Year:  2016

Length:  7-min, 30 sec

Format:  Super 8 & Canon 5D

Dear Emma, is about a young woman who receives notes from her elderly neighbor Al, who lives across the hall. As he begins to leave Brooklyn more often for upstate New York, Emma witnesses how his life changes dramatically when he meets a marvelous woman named Marie.

Cast:  Courtney O'Reilly, Frederick Corke, Mary Foskett, Lauren LoGiudice

primary Crew:  producer: Laurie Rud, music: Patrick Penta, sound design & mix: Paulo Costa, DP: Tema Stauffer

Emma n Train.jpg
Girls Who Smoke

Director:  Tawny Foskett

Screenwriters:  Gordon Farrell & Tawny Foskett

Story by:  Jenifer Hixson

Genre:  narrative


Year:  2012

Length:  15-min

Format:  Canon 5D

Girls Who Smoke is adapted from a Moth story that played on public radio's This American Life program and is about two women, both with bad boyfriends and bad habits, who connect over a pack of cigarettes. 

primary Cast:  Kristin Taylor, Loren Lockwood

primary Crew:  producers: Laurie Rud & Quan Robinson, DP: Sanne Kurz, music: Lila Nelson,

composer: Lucas Van Lenten, AD: Henri Falconi, art director: Irina Arnaut, editor: Jef Taylor

Poster GWS.jpg

Director:  Tawny Foskett

Screenwriter:  Tawny Foskett

Genre:  narrative


Year:  2006

Length:  10-min

Format:  Super 16mm

Can the strength of their past pull them through the present?

A film about the enduring thread of friendship between 2 women, which reflects the beauty and darkness in their lives.

primary Cast:  Nicola Wright, Romi Trower

primary Crew:  DP: Sanne Kurz, music: Cecily Raine, prod. mgr: Catherine Haugh, AD: Sabi Paisa


Director:  Tawny Foskett

Screenwriter:  Tawny Foskett

Genre:  narrative


Year:  2006

Length:  5-min

Format:  Beta SP

In the same day, in the same city, three women:


Zahra, a pregnant refugee from Afghanistan

Marie, a 20-something depressed dropout

And Mistress L, an exclusive dominatrix


All battle being disconnected from the love in their lives.

primary Cast:  Tania Lentini (as all 3 women)

primary Crew:  music: Lila Nelson, DP: Alex Murray


Director:  Tawny Foskett

Screenwriter:  Tawny Foskett

Genre:  personal-experimental


Year:  2005

Length:  10-min

Format: 16mm

Lost in a faraway land, dancing on the fringe of society,

She fell in love with a woman who brightened the darkness….

This is her story of lament.

primary Cast: Christina Swingdler, Kaci Tipton, Lisa Carpinelli, Jamie Moore & Heather Langendorf 

primary Crew:  music: David Bullard, Eric Minella, camera & editing: Tawny Foskett

watch in full on VIMEO

ANNIE & MARY; Reflections on the Railroad

Directors:  Tawny Foskett & Eric Minella

Producers:  Eric Minella & Tawny Foskett

Genre:  documentary


Year:  2003

Length:  14-min

Format:  16mm

ANNIE & MARY: Reflections on the Railroad celebrates the golden era of steam engines by exploring various sentiments and perceptions held in relation to the railroad.


Annie & Mary was filmed in Humboldt County, California and at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, and includes 1940’s archival film footage of steam engines in the redwoods.  This documentary features interviews with museum operators, engineers, artists, historians, and model train enthusiasts.

primary Crew:  music: Eric Minella & Heather Schorge, cinematography & editing: Tawny Foskett & Eric Minella

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