The Auteur Tribe

Founded by Tawny Foskett, The Auteur Tribe produces and collaborates in the making of media and art that is off the beaten path. We are filmmakers, playwrights, actors, dancers, writers, photographers and more. We are a community of artists who collaborate on projects we’re inspired by and we have strong, visionary authorship of the projects we initiate.

One recent example, is the forming of WICA (women in the collaborative arts).  When Tawny returned to California's north coast, summer of 2018, she reached out to fellow leaders in the community, who also make film, and WICA was born.  Although still in the development phase, it is envisioned both as a female-centric production company and to help bring a women-in-film entity to this creative region of northern Humboldt County.


Tawny Foskett

Director/producer/editor, Tawny Foskett, began studying and making films in 2001.  Her 7 shorts include the award-winning, Girls Who Smoke, which played many festivals around the US, Canada and Europe.  She holds an MFA in Film Production from Concordia University in Montreal and studied narrative directing in Melbourne, Australia at the VCA School of Film and Television.  She’s taught film production at Humboldt State University and workshops, along with cinematographer, Sanne Kurz, at the HFF in Munich.  Her current short film, Natasha & Sam (a version of her feature-in-development of the same name) is beginning the festival circuit this fall.  She’s also in production on a documentary entitled, A Member of the Precariat.

Artist Statement

I make narrative films and documentaries about women who come to find their own truths as they negotiate difficult socio-economic circumstances, class divisions, and expectations about sexuality.  Women searching for themselves—whether on actual journeys, traveling in faraway lands, or staying put in familiar places—this is the subject I explore as a filmmaker. These are women and girls who, in the process of becoming the main characters in their own lives, are first only important for whom they are to others.


My approach is informed by a reliance on ingenuity using the materials available. I often blend both feminist social commentary with an experimental style and semi-fiction neo realism.

I’m interested in bringing to life the alchemical potential of these varied, vital, authentic stories of female outsiders and sharing them with art-house audiences around the globe.

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