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Tawny Foskett

Director/producer/editor, Tawny Foskett, began studying and making films in 2001, following a decade of training and working as an actor and dancer.  Her 8 shorts include the award-winning, Girls Who Smoke, which played many festivals around the US, Canada and Europe.  She holds an MFA in Film Production from Concordia University in Montreal and studied narrative directing in Melbourne, Australia at the VCA School of Film and Television.  She’s taught film production at Cal Poly Humboldt and workshops, along with cinematographer, Sanne Kurz, at the HFF in Munich. 


In February of 2022 I lost my partner, Bunny, to cancer, after a less-than-two-year battle. This life-changing experience, and now grief, will be affecting my work for a long time to come... It has already engulfed the documentary I was making (on precarity) of which my love and life with Bunny is now the main focus.  I also find myself making a memoir too.  The documentary is called, Precarious Love.  The memoir is called The Best Hard Time.

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